Ed Ellsworth started Enlightened Films to create conscious media projects, and to share other people’s positive and uplifting videos that bring in more light.

Enlightened Films does show production and Press coverage of events and expos. Enlightened Films is available for AV production and other event support. Enlightened Films is my video web portal featuring the best of moments of light on the internet. I also share my documentary video projects and interests in these movie posts.

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I have created over 100 interesting videos and documentaries that I have posted in their entirety for free viewing on the site. I make available videos about the benefits of good nutrition, the dangers of cell phone use, and fun events and projects.

I have also created a portal for spiritual and enlightened films and videos that I have found on the internet. The website already has a lot of content, but I could use support for funding the ongoing productions costs. Supporters can also help by spreading the word to their friends to visit the Enlightened Films website. Subscribe or click Like!