Please enjoy For the Love of Dolphins, featuring Human/Dolphin Foundation researchers Dr. John C. Lilly and Edward Ellsworth. I worked as the research consultant for this project with Patricia Sims, the producer of this show. It originally aired on the Discovery Channel. I took our team to the various researchers and locations included in the program, helped in creatively putting this project together. I was also interviewed onscreen regarding my work as a dolphin researcher with Dr. John C. Lilly and the Human/Dolphin Foundation, and some of those clips were included in the program. – Ed Ellsworth

Electromagnetic Fields features researcher Dr. Ted Litovitz telling us about the results of live animal testing to RF (Radio Frequency) exposure. This presentation was given to Congressional members by Council on Wireless Technology Impacts. Video edited by Edward Ellsworth. DVD available from Enlightened Films.

Visionary Art, Music and Video features the Visionary Art, Music, Video and Animation Festival, in 2002 at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA. This video of the festival was Co-Produced by Ed Ellsworth and Da Vid. It features a festival of artists, dancers, singers, musicians, animation, and special effects. This is an example of camera work, video editing and chroma-keying from Edward Ellsworth.

Larry Byram, of the Institute for Spiritual Partnership presents Enlightened Distinctions, a course in the foundation series of Higher Alignment classes that were taught in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999. I was also a co-founder and Chief Information Officer of the Institute for Spiritual Partnership, and trained as a coach and facilitator. – Ed Ellsworth