The Avocado Tree Song written and performed by Emily Bondor. Video produced by Enlightened Films.

The Bee Song, written and performed on ukelele by Emily Bondor. Video produced by Enlightened Films.

Zahira Soul performing “Easy Days” and “Spending Time Alone” at Bliss Camp in Mendocino. Video by Ed Ellsworth, Enlightened Films.

Peace Like a River performed by Claire Elizabeth Morency, Kimberly Page and Gail Orchier at the River Guidess rafting event As One We Flow July 4-7, 2013 at the Stanislaus River. Video by Ed Ellsworth.

Gary Malkin, Earth Day 2012 The Awakening Universe (lighting, camera work, and editing by Ed Ellsworth)

Concert featuring Matthew Montford, Ian Dogole, Mariah Parker
Percussionist Ian Dogole
Guitarist Matthew Montfort
Pianist/santurist/composer Mariah Parker

The melding of these three unique musical talents is sure to stir the imagination and transport you to new aural oases never heard before.