The Human Be-In

Flash back to 1990: I remember the Digital Be-In event with Michael Gosney in San Francisco, I was there showing some dolphin and whale animations on an early Macintosh. Then,...

Messages from Mary

Here is a Mary Magdalene talk, featuring Mercedes Kirkel channeling messages from Mary. (Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, CA. Video by Enlightened Films)

The Spirit of Tibet in India

The Spirit of Tibet in India explores urgent issues concerning the preservation of Tibetan culture, as a generation of elders in refugee camps in Southern India are passing away in...

Out of the Kitchen and Into the Streets?

KPFA presents The 18th Annual Mario Savio Memorial Lecture, featuring Labor Activist and UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center Director Saru Jayaraman, in a talk entitled “Out of the Kitchen...

California Alpine Club Centennial

California Alpine Club is a club that features four generations of members, and has a lodges on Mount Tam and and Tahoe. This video celebrates their 100 year anniversary. Gene...

A Fall From Freedom

A Fall From Freedom – the Untold Story Behind the Captive Whale and Dolphin Industry A Fall From Freedom is produced by Stan Minasian of EarthView Productions. This is a...

GMO Maize & Roundup Study

CRIIGEN GM Maize & Roundup Research Study “Safe” levels of GM Maize and Roundup can cause tumors, multiple organ damage and premature death in laboratory rats, finds first peer-reviewed lifetime...

Sacred Geometry

  Sacred Geometry DNA Changes Molecular Atom Consciousness

Harbor Porpoises in San Francisco Bay

Ed Ellsworth was one of the leaders on a boat trip for Save Our Bay, Save Our Ocean. Here are the Harbor Porpoises that we saw in San Francisco Bay.

HAARP Weather Modification Technology

The Military’s Mystery Machine – HAARP Weather Modification Technology in Alaska produces ELF waves into the ionosphere, changing weather patterns.