The Human Be-In

Flash back to 1990: I remember the Digital Be-In event with Michael Gosney in San Francisco, I was there showing some dolphin and whale animations on an early Macintosh. Then, some Swiss Bankers asked me to work on their Stirling Engine Solar Project in Zurich. Flash forward to 2017: For the 50th Anniversary of the […]

Open Secret Reading

Elizabeth Kelley Reading at Open Secret Bookstore. Last year she underwent a surgery. During her healing, she was asked by Byron Belitsos to create a dance of Mother Spirit. To do this, she wrote a libretto based on lines from both the Urantia Book and Jerry Lane’s, The Adventure of Being Human. The process of […]

Harbin thru the Decades

Harbin thru the Decades (filmed August 30, 2014) Written by Joshua Luber and Jessica Sage. Directed by Jessica Sage. Starring: Amy, David, Grace, Kim, Liv, Maitreya, Shane (Crystal and Inika in absentia) Choreographers: Alisha and Raven Stagehands: Andje and Helena Backdrop: Nick Video Production by Ed Ellsworth, Enlightened Films


Remember – I Am You – We Are One (Omkara & Mooji) This life is a dream… It will be over in the blink of an eye. Remember who you are… Remember what you are… Whose life is this? Whose hands are these? Whose voice is this? What am I?