Power of the Sea

The Power of the Sea – Bali Prays for Japan Donations to Dr. Emoto’s Peace Project This song was spontaneously recorded, unrehearsed, at the Bali Spirit Festival near Ubud, Indonesia on March 27, 2011. I was standing on the beach in Byron Bay, Australia when the first verse came to me on March 9, and […]

Ram Dass at Studio Maui

Ed and Ram Dass at Studio Maui remembering times with John Lilly, and the first time he swam with Rosalie the dolphin. Ram Dass told the story of his first book Be Here Now, which included his travel to India, and meeting his guru. Ram Dass announced the release of his new book Be Love […]

Animal Magical

Animal Magical from Enlightened Films This week we had a series of public events and workshops called the Damanhur-Maui Activation events. Damanhur is an intentional community near Turin, Italy that has some incredible creations like the Temples of Humankind. We had a playful musical night after the workshops, and this piece is a spontaneous creation […]