Sacred Alchemy

Sacred Alchemy Solstice Event at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, California, featuring Devaa Haley and the Sacred Alchemy Band. Click to download the Winter Solstice Meditation Click to view...

Deva Premal

Deva Premal Aad Guray

The 23rd Psalm

Bobby McFerrin ~ The 23rd Psalm Dedicated to my mother From ‘Bobby McFerrin-Medicine music’

Japanese Wooden Instrument

Unique Japanese wooden instrument that plays classical song.

Norah Jones at The Webbys

Norah Jones performs at The Webbys as part of The Johnny Cash Project

Power of the Sea

The Power of the Sea – Bali Prays for Japan Donations to Dr. Emoto’s Peace Project This song was spontaneously recorded, unrehearsed, at the Bali Spirit Festival near Ubud, Indonesia...

Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Grand Wailea Resort and Spa Grand Wailea Resort & Spa video demo reel produced from my company Media Wizards (Maui Research & Technology Center). ~ Ed Ellsworth, Editor

Ram Dass at Studio Maui

Ram Dass at Studio Maui

Ed and Ram Dass at Studio Maui remembering times with John Lilly, and the first time he swam with Rosalie the dolphin. Ram Dass told the story of his first...

Animal Magical

Animal Magical

Animal Magical from Enlightened Films This week we had a series of public events and workshops called the Damanhur-Maui Activation events. Damanhur is an intentional community near Turin, Italy that...

Spirit in the Body

Spirit in the Body, A Journey With Raphael and Kutira. Produced by Kahua Records Video Production Services: Ed Ellsworth, Enlightened Films