Earth Day 2012 The Awakening Universe

Earth Day 2012 The Awakening Universe Planetary Honoring and Celebration webcast for The Spring of Sustainability April 21, 2012.

The event opens with a blessing ceremony by Native American tribal Chief Sonne Reyna. It also features inspiring performances with Earth-honoring messages, including members of the Thrive Movie creative team, Gary Malkin and Neal Rogin, award-winning poet Drew Dellinger, and a “sonic invocation” by Mystic Alchemy.

The core of the event will be a short, breathtaking film, The Awakening Universe, that powerfully expresses the evolutionary context of the Earth.

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Earth Day 2012 The Awakening Universe

Master of Ceremonies
Vinit Allen

Ceremony & Blessing
Chief Sonne Reyna

Elements Invocation
Mystic Alchemy
Donny Regalmuto
Heather Salmon

Bass Accompaniment
Vinit Allen
Ken Becker

The Calling
Only Heaven Knows
Do You Remember Who You Are?
Gary Malkin

Love Letter to the Milky Way
Drew Dellinger

The Awakening Universe
Neal Rogin
The Kernel – Comedy

India Harville
Sarah Mackota

Ho’o Pono Pono
Mystic Alchemy

Program Director
Vinit Allen

Production Team
Ken Jenkins
Ed Ellsworth
Marco Cacchi
Michael Luchino
Larry Tackett

Video Producer and Director
Ken Jenkins

Sound Engineer
Ken Becker

Lighting, Webcasting and Editing
Ed Ellsworth