AV and Event Production

These are some of the shows that I have worked Audio Video Production…


Conscious Life Expo







I worked AV Production for Conscious Life Expo, which included operating and trouble-shooting Tricaster for broadcast and other technical support.

Financial Services Roundtable FINTECH Conference

I worked with Williams Signal and the Financial Services Roundtable FINTECH Conference in San Francisco, operating camera for live satellite broadcast for CNBC.


The Human Be-In












I broadcast the video for the 50th Anniversary of The Human Be-In, working with Jessie Bloch on video, Michael Gosney, Digital Be-In; and Bill McCarthy, Unity Foundation.

On the Edge of the (UN)Known, SAND16, San Jose, California











I worked the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose recording audio in several conference rooms. I worked with Richard Page, Conference Recording Systems.

CITD 2016_commerciallogo
Contact in the Desert, Joshua Tree Conference Center











I worked with Conscious Events to set up the Irvine Marriott show.















I worked with Williams Signal at INTELSAT16, Napa Valley Marriott

















Enlightened Films booth EdI have worked large events and expositions like the New Living Expo, the Conscious Life Expo, the Whole Life Expo, the Oakland Convention Center. I helped manage really large events like Burning Man, when I worked with Black Rock City LLC. I also work smaller conferences and workshops, like Climate of Change and Therapy of Ideas at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Sunrise Center, Hale Akua Garden Farm, Election Integrity, Save Our Bay Save Our Ocean, the Institute for Spiritual Partnership, and Pelvic Heart Integration workshops.

I am often shooting photos and videos at events, for enjoyment and professionally. I have been moving to the latest DSLR video production tools. I am using 4K and 2K digital video cameras, that save the photo and video files on SD cards. I also take the audio and video from those cameras out of the HDMI port into a BlackMagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder, to connect to a Mac via Thunderbolt. Since my MacBook Pro Retina has two Thunderbolt ports, I could connect two DSLR cameras to my MacBook Pro and switch between the video inputs using Wirecast. If I used the BlackMagic HDMI switcher, it is possible to connect up to six video sources to one Thunderbolt port.