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These movies are very interesting. Several a day are posted from various entities in the Galactic Federation Of Light. They say that Disclosure is coming soon. The messages speak of the ascension process, and explain the transition from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimensional reality. They speak of things that were in the new age world-view, but bring them into another way of understanding what some are beginning to perceive.

Greetings from the Federation:

These are truly exciting times. Much is happening right now that is part of the unfolding of the Disclosure process. It has begun. We find ourselves amazed at the Illuminati’s reaction to the their understanding that the time has now come for certain. They do not know which panic button to push first. They are scrambling to figure out ways to hide their tracks, cover their crimes, and position themselves for what think the Post-Disclosure world will look like. We do not mean to imply that we amuse ourselves at anyone’s tribulations. We simply point out that we monitor these actions and can tell you they are fruitless. Better to simply come over to the Light, give yourselves to Love, and find the way.

As we speak, there are many activities underway for the triggering event to occur. We are truly excited on our end that all seems to be pointing in the direction of Disclosure at this time. While we cannot say from what direction you can anticipate hearing the first “rounds” from the rifles of freedom, you can anticipate that there will be no doubt in your minds that we have orchestrated such an event.

Galactic Federation Of Light

Beloved Family of Light, what a thrilling journey you are on at this time as you voyage with Timeship Earth into her New Reality and her new Timeline. Yes, so many of you have come to realize that what you call “life” on Earth is simply movement through Time and Space that creates the ongoing story of Evolution. You are Infinite Beings of Light and on this Planet Earth you are able to experience Time/Space by voyaging through the Stargates and along the Trajectories of Light that manifest the different levels of Experience that we call “Dimensions of Light”.

In this month of June you are entering into a Major Time Code Shift that will release and remove the Old Time Codes and replace them with the New Reality Time Codes and then bring these into balance in a recalibration of the Planetary Heart to the Cosmic Frequencies of Light. This will take place before and during the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th of June and leading up to and after the Solstice on the 21st of June. Total Lunar Eclipse and the Recalibration of the Sacred Sites and Nodal Points on the Planetary Heart Grids.

Beloved Ones, at the previous Solstice, in December 2010, the Earth shifted to the new Timeline for the Fifth Dimension. In this last six month period, the Earth has settled into her New Frequencies and her New Trajectory aligning her with the 2012 Timegate. But, now at this time, and starting with the Lunar Eclipse, the Heart of the Planet will be recalibrated with the Cosmic Frequencies of Light by means of a Time Code Shift that will be focussed on two points on the Planetary Grids…the Stonehenge complex in England and the Giza complex in Egypt.

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When viewing the whole picture, we see a most promising advancement that suggests a major event is drawing near. Beyond that we cannot say more and are obliged to keep our plan to ourselves, to prevent interference from those who would delay it. Their presence is more of a nuisance rather than a serious threat, as we know their ways and what they are up to. When it is our time to go ahead, regardless of the opposition we shall commence our plan knowing that it will succeed. We have had to make allowances for the karma of the Human Race, but in these end times it will become less and less. Having experienced the depths of darkness, you are now rapidly on the way up and have been clearing the lower energies that were holding you back. The Light is now firmly established upon Earth, and continues to grow at a great speed. It is your protection and it is powerful, and the dark Ones fear the consequences. No longer do they hold sway over you, as you have become aware of their covert plans to put you under their complete control. Many of you have become fearless and carry the Light as your banner of freedom. In great numbers you now oppose the dark Ones, and they know their game is up, and that it is their time to surrender. We are working on that now, and one way or another they must relinquish their power to Beings of Light.

Welcome loved ones, you are now approaching the time of great change with speed. Many of you will have been keenly aware in the past few days of the energies around you and through you intensifying, changing and shifting. We guide you most strongly to stay with these energies and allow them to settle into your very BEing. It is difficult and we acknowledge this, for many humans to just allow the energies to sit. Many of you will have felt on “edge” the past few days and will have perhaps had altercations with those who are closest to you.

It is to this way of acting that we first of all direct our guidance. Know that each one of you that reads our words and is awakening is changing. These changes happen from moment to moment and although at times the shifts are huge and leaps upward are made by your energy systems the changes continues at ALL times. This results in many of you feeling slightly “off centre”. For some of you the time of the moon is most challenging as you feel drawn to the moon energy but also feel “bothered”, something just doesn’t “sit with you”. These are phrases that we use to highlight the way you may be feeling, we hope that these resonate with you.

Know that at these times your energy system is tweaking itself, its fluxes and changes rapidly at this time and these “upgrades” further loosen what is within your BEing that no longer serves. Many of you will have arguments or disagreements with those you are closest to and not understand why. Those who are closest to you may note that you appear more “harassed” or “sensitive” than usual and may seek to spend less time with you. This may trigger many of you who take their retreat as some sign of abandonment from them. Nothing is further from the truth dear one. They are allowing you the space that you need to complete the changes that are going on. Their subconscious is aware that you need some space and is allowing this. Do not judge those around you harshly when this happens, they are doing their best to do what they FEEL is right for you.

There is an increasing sense of excitement as the moment for humanity’s awakening into full consciousness draws ever closer. You have indeed spent eons in the illusion, hoping, praying, and waiting for the moment for the illusion — the nightmare filled with misery and suffering — to fade from your memories as you awaken into the glorious Light of Reality.

You had been filled with doubt, anxiety, skepticism, and fear as you worried and wondered if there really was a god, a heaven, a home where you belonged and could live in eternal joy, or if there was a hell far worse than the illusion, or even nothing at all. And because of those fears, you intensified your efforts to make the illusion real, to convince yourselves that what you experienced through your bodily senses was all that existed, and you dismissed any thoughts of possible other realms of existence.

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