George Lucas created the Star Wars Universe that became part of the science fiction/science fantasy of many minds, young and old. This was the first Star Wars movie trailer, probably not seen by that many people.

Star Wars: The Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special is a 1978 TV movie set in the Star Wars galaxy. The main storyline of the film transpires on the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk. Chewbacca and Han Solo visit the planet to celebrate the Wookiee holiday Life Day with his family, which includes his wife Malla, his son Lumpy and his father Itchy. As Chewbacca and Han are known Rebel agents, they are pursued by the Galactic Empire, who in the process invade Chewbacca’s household. The plot is strung together by a series of musical numbers, celebrity appearances, and other variety-show acts, including songs and comedy routines by such 1970s celebrities as Jefferson Starship, Diahann Carroll, Art Carney, Harvey Korman, and Beatrice Arthur.
Star Wars creator George Lucas’s involvement in the special’s production was limited, and he was unhappy with the final product. As a result, it has never been re-aired in the US or been officially released on home video, but has been widely bootlegged by fans. The Holiday Special is important for being the first film-length Star Wars story to appear following the release of the original Star Wars, for featuring cameos by all of that film’s major cast, and for introducing the character Boba Fett.

Mark Hamill …. Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford …. Han Solo
Carrie Fisher …. Princess Leia
Anthony Daniels …. C-3PO
Peter Mayhew …. Chewbacca
James Earl Jones …. Darth Vader (voice)
Beatrice Arthur …. Ackmena
Art Carney …. Saun Dann
Diahann Carroll …. Mermeia Holographic Wow
Marty Balin …. Holographic Band Singer (as The Jefferson Starship)
Craig Chaquico …. Holographic Band Member (as The Jefferson Starship)
Paul Kantner …. Holographic Band Member (as The Jefferson Starship)
Harvey Korman …. Krelman/Chef Gormaanda/Amorphian instructor
Mickey Morton …. Malla
Paul Gale …. Itchy
Patty Maloney …. Lumpy
Jack Rader …. Imperial Guard Officer
Stephanie Stromer …. The Great Zorbak (Holographic Gymnast)
Michael Potter …. Imperial Guard Officer
Wazzan Troupe …. Holographic Tumblers
Yûichi Sugiyama …. Ringleader
Mum Brothers …. The Reeko Brothers
Claude Woolman …. Imperial Officer (wallscreen)
Lev Mailer …. Imperial Guard #1
John McLaughlin …. Imperial Stormtrooper
Alec Guinness …. Obi-Wan Kenobi (archive footage) (uncredited)
David Prowse …. Darth Vader (archive footage) (uncredited)
Arthur Rowton …. Zutmore (uncredited)
Leslie Schofield …. Chief Bast look-alike (archive footage) (uncredited)