Power of the Sea

The Power of the Sea – Bali Prays for Japan

Donations to Dr. Emoto’s Peace Project

This song was spontaneously recorded, unrehearsed, at the Bali Spirit Festival near Ubud, Indonesia on March 27, 2011. I was standing on the beach in Byron Bay, Australia when the first verse came to me on March 9, and the rest of the song came at dawn on March 12, the morning after the earthquake and tsunami hit NE Japan. It was clear that it was to be offered to raise global awareness of how all of humanity can come together to support those of us affected by disasters, both natural and man-made. If this touches your heart, please reach out and offer energetic support–prayers, actions, or donations–to someone who needs you. We are a village and what affects one affects all. Now is the time for peace!

This song is offered to everyone who would like to perform it to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. For lyrics and chords, contact LeAnn via www.wavegarden.net. The Japanese part at the end can be sung in counterpoint to the final choruses.

Written with love by LeAnn, April 5, 2011, Ubud, Bali

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