Ram Dass at Studio Maui

Ed and Ram Dass at Studio Maui remembering times with John Lilly, and the first time he swam with Rosalie the dolphin.

Ram Dass told the story of his first book Be Here Now, which included his travel to India, and meeting his guru. Ram Dass announced the release of his new book Be Love Now.

Sunday Satsang with Ram Dass
October 31, 3-6 pm

Lei’ohu Ryder and Saul David Raye join Ram Dass for an afternoon of music, singing,meditation, contemplation, insights, conversation, laughs and potluck prasad. Lei’ohu Ryder is a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, singer/songwriter and education on Maui. Her work has been recognized by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Peace Corps and the United Nations. Saul David Raye is known for his empowering and transformational approach to yoga, healing, and spirituality. His unique teaching style brings alive the holistic nature of healing in a way that is simple, powerful, and accessible, allowing people to connect more deeply with their own authentic power and spirit. As a musician, he leads deeply moving devotional chanting. Bring a Friend, Bring a Dish, Bring Aloha

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