Sony NEX Cameras

This video review from YouTube is done by a different Ed (of TheDigitalDigest), describing the Sony NEX-5 and Sony NEX-VG20 digital cameras.

Article by Ed Ellsworth

I have been shooting video and stills of a variety of cameras, and have enjoyed the improvements with the emerging DSLR technology. I have both of these Sony NEX cameras, and intentionally got them for the fantastic feature of sharing the same Sony E-mount lenses (they can also use other lenses). These cameras allow use of the more affordable, fast SD memory card media. When you are done shooting with either camera, you pop its SD memory card into the Mac and edit with Final Cut Pro, iPhoto, Photoshop, or whatever. These cameras are advertised as primarily supporting Windows, and the NEX-VG20 came with a coupon with a free Movie Studio HD. The Sony creates AVCHD movie files (.MTS files) that can be worked equally well on either operating system.

I just got my Sony NEX-VG20 and attached the 55-210mm lens that I had previously been using on my NEX-5, and like it pretty well so far. It is an impressive looking, well-built camera. I have been using the Sony NEX-5 for HD video (which it does a great job at, but was experiencing the limitations of short 29 minute recording time and overheating, to the point of shutting the camera down), so I was looking for a way to improve the reliability and recording time.

Sony NEX5

Sony NEX-5 DSLR camera

That was the primary stimulus for acquiring the Sony NEX-VG20 digital video camera – I needed a reliable camera that could record longer time-frame events, and not cut-out at critical times (like the NEX smaller body cameras do). The NEX-VG20 will record up to 13 hours (in 2 GB segments) using a 32 GB SD memory card. It can be plugged in to AC to record longer times, or a six hour battery is available (which was the first thing I ordered for it, since there is only a two hour battery supplied). There is also an external mic port, something the smaller body camera lacked. This mic port comes in handy if you are using a wireless lavalier mic. There are two types of hot-shoes on the top (one could be used to hold the wireless unit for the mic and another for a video light).

These Sony E-mount lenses shown in the picture can be put on either camera – 55-210mm zoom lens and 16mm wide-angle lens, with fish-eye lens doubler – creating a lot of options in the scene that gets filmed. I also have a Sony mini-strobe light, a larger Sony bounce-strobe light and Sony zoom mic accessories for the NEX-5. There is an ever-growing field of cool gadgets coming our way.


Sony NEX-VG20 DSLR video camera