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The Human Be-In

Flash back to 1990: I remember the Digital Be-In event with Michael Gosney in San Francisco, I was there showing some dolphin and whale animations on an early Macintosh. Then, some Swiss Bankers asked me to work on their Stirling Engine Solar Project in Zurich. Flash forward to 2017: For the 50th Anniversary of the …


For the Love of Dolphins

Please enjoy For the Love of Dolphins, featuring Dr. John C. Lilly and Ed Ellsworth. I worked as the research consultant for this project with Patricia Sims, the producer of the show. This program originally aired on the Discovery Channel. In the film, I was interviewed regarding my work as a dolphin researcher with Dr. …


Janette MacKinlay's Celebration

This was a bi-coastal webcast celebration Honoring Janette MacKinlay Janette MacKinlay was an artist that was present in New York during 9/11. She recently passed from this life, and her friends wanted to celebrate her life and her artwork. Enlightened Films webcast Honoring Janette MacKinlay Celebration, was Sunday February 27, 2011 from the UC Berkeley …