The Spirit of Tibet in India

The Spirit of Tibet in India explores urgent issues concerning the preservation of Tibetan culture, as a generation of elders in refugee camps in Southern India are passing away in exile, and the Chinese authorities in Tibet continue to repress the traditional culture. The story is told through the experiences of Tsering Wangmo, an accomplished singer and dancer who was raised in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India and emigrated to the US. The film focuses on the rich traditions of the Kongpo people of southern Tibet and the integral role that song and dance play in their lives; and how the women in particular have kept the traditions alive despite extreme hardship and cultural changes resulting from the Chinese occupation and resettlement in India. Through interviews with Tsering’s mother and other elders, through Tsering’s own work as a performer, teacher, and advocate, and through her relationship with her own daughter born in America, we follow an inspirational story of how individual women’s strength and the joy of the performing arts are changing the course of history.

Note: I originally called this video project “Spirit of Tibet”, but because I have seen a couple of others use this title since, I have made this title more descriptive of the topic. I am focusing on funding and completing this documentary now. Please support the production of video documentary The Spirit of Tibet in India!