Tibetan Festival Southern India

Tibetan Festival in Southern India

Bylakuppe, located in southern India, is a Tibetan settlement that was established about 50 years ago by the elders that left Tibet in 1959. This is the largest group of Tibetan refugees outside of Tibet. There are 40,000 refugees living in the camps. There are 7,000 monks at Sera Monastery.

I am just back from my recent India trip, and one of the events I would like to share with you is the performances of the Bylakuppe Opera. They are comprised of Tibetan artists that live in First Camp, in Bylakuppe.

The movie above starts off with monks and musicians from Sera Monastery, and moves to the Bylakuppe Opera performances for the Tibetan Festival, at Big Bazaar, Mysore, India. Most of the attending guests were from Sera Monastery and from the camps. This was an interesting opportunity for Indians that were in Big Bazaar, Mysore to get to know and appreciate the culture of their Tibetan neighbors.  – Ed


Video Production Services: Ed Ellsworth, Enlightened Films